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State Supervision Service (hereinafter referred to as the Service) is a body operating under the supervision of the Prime Minister in the sphere of state supervision prescribed by the RA law on “State Governing Bodies”, the mission of which is to fulfill the authorities of supervision implied by the RA law on “State Supervision Service”.

The aim of the activity of the Service is to ensure the implementation of oversight power given to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia by the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia and by the laws. Within the framework of state supervision and according to the RA Law on State Supervision the Service:

1) carries out examinations in state governing bodies and state agencies aimed at:

a.supervision of the fulfillment of the Government decrees, decrees and tasks of the Prime Minister, action plan of the Government including anti-corruption plans and events,

b.supervision of legitimacy and effectiveness of their activities,

c.supervision of legitimacy and effectiveness of the formation and management of state funds.

2) Carries out examinations on the supervision of legitimacy of the management of state funds among non-state governing bodies established by the Constitution and laws.

3) Carries out examinations in local self-government bodies to evaluate the validity of the information which serves as a basis for the provision of state funding.

4) Carries out examinations on the supervision of legitimacy of state fund formation among the authorized persons operating the function of state fund formation.

5) With the participation of the RA carries out examinations among the legal entities on the supervision of authorities arising from the participation of the RA and derived from the competences of the authorized body of the RA in the higher management and controlling bodies.

6) With the participation of the RA, carries out examination among the persons being a party of a civil-law transaction with the purpose of controlling the fulfillment of their civil law transactions with the exception of giving directions derived from arrangements which is carried out by Authorized Body acting on behalf of the Republic of Armenia according to the contract.

7) Carries out examination to supervise the compliance with the requirements of the legislation regulating the procurement process among the legal entities that got funds in forms of donation or grant from state, community, state or community non-profit organizations and organizations of community with more than fifty percent of shares.

8) Carries out examinations among the persons who got subsidies and grant from the RA with the aim of evaluating the reliability of information presented as a base for getting public fund.

9) In case of illegal actions of management and formulation of state funds, risks of abuse and potential risks of possible losses, with the consent of the Prime Minister may recommend suspension of transactions, as well as the procedures or actions directed to their sealing, to identify, evaluate or minimize the risks.

10) Conducts disciplinary procedures upon the instruction of the Prime-Minister.

11) Addresses the received applications, complaints and suggestions to the respective state governing bodies and controls their processing.

12) Conducts parallel studies in the cases and in the manner prescribed by RA Law on “State Supervision Service”.

13) Presents suggestions on required measures based on the supervision results and exercises control over their implementation.

14) Cooperates with state and self-government bodies, international organizations and respective structures of foreign countries.

15) Makes suggestions about the changes and amendments in legal acts of state governance sphere.

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