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David Sanasaryan


He was born on July 23, 1984 in Yerevan, RA
In 2004-2009 he studied in the Academy International Institute, the Faculty of Law

In 2017 – he graduated from Tafts University, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy
In 2005-2007 – he worked in “ARMOBIL” LLC as a guard
In 2006-2010 he worked in “Shirinyan” Center of Legal Consultancy as an assistant to the lawyer
In 2007-2012 – he was an assistant to Deputy of RA National Assembly

In 2013-2017 – he was a member of Yerevan Elders

In 2014-2018 –he was a lecturer in the International Academy of Education

In May 21, 2018 he was appointed as a Head of State Supervision of the Republic of Armenia.

In 2002-2004 served in the RA Armed forces
He is married and has two sons.

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